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Intimacy Choreography

As an intimacy choreographer, I prioritize consent, cultural competency, collaboration, and humor in my process. Detailed information on my training and past projects are listed in my CV/Resume.

Below you can view photos of my selected work and hear from past collaborators who can speak to my process.

"Ynika was great with making us comfortable. Giving us the okay to be okay with speaking out about our boundaries and making sure we are both comfortable with the process and with one another. So helpful and so encouraging."

Delanti Hall (actor)

"[Ynika's process brought] a sense of collaboration, working well with the choreography and direction while also adding to the story."

Anonymous (actor)

"They communicated clearly and were always very attentive- they noticed when things were working and not working. Ynika gave me language to use that makes standing up for myself feel professional and honest. Working with Ynika changed my perspective on how intimacy can work in a show, and made me understand that I have a voice and can advocate for myself in my profession."

Arise Rock (actor)

Dontrell, Who Kissed the Sea by Nathan Alan Davis

Directed by Marissa Harrington

Western Michigan University Department of Theatre, 2023

Pictured: Kiara Durbin and Kemar Williams

Photo by Corinne Marsh

Kiara Durbin and Kemar Williams

Puffs by Matt Cox 

Directed by Jesse Aukeman 

Grand Rapids Civic Theatre, 2023

Pictured: Kaitlin Beardsley and Alex Cole

Photo by Studio3Twenty


Indecent by Paula Vogel

Directed by Caitlin Hart

Jewish Theatre Grand Rapids, 2023

Pictured: Adrianna Howard and Katherine Searcy

Photo by Black Swan Imagery


The Creation of the World and Other Business by Arthur Miller

Directed by Jason Marlett

Jewish Theatre Grand Rapids, 2023

Pictured: Olivia Randall and Ian Grell

Photo by Black Swan Imagery

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